Friday, August 17, 2007

"In the Corner," A Brief One Scene Play

(I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist or wait! Maloni)

BB: Class, class, come to attention, please!

Class: Y-e-s-s-s-s Mr. Bernanke.

BB: I have an announcement. Now, anyone looking for Billy Poole will find him over in the corner, wearing the dunce’s hat, but only after he writes on the chalk board, 100 times (twice for every basis point we cut the bank borrowing rate), “I will not utter every word, publicly, which crosses my narrow mind.”

Maloni 8-16-2007

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Bill Maloni said...

I want to recommend Steve Pearlstein's column, in Thursday's Washington Post, "No Time to Sit and Watch." for his suggestion that the Administration is missing the boat by not engaging Fannie and Freddie to help out with the current mortgage credit crunch.

In the same column, Pearlstein offered an insightful description of Bill Poole, the St. Louis Fed's President, who had to be monumentally embarrassed by the Fed's actions on Friday, which "trucked" Poole's predictions/admonitions, offered earlier in the week.