Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mea Culpa

My Bad!!
In the welter of good news last week, I blew it and incorrectly wrote that a new website, strongly advocating for restoring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, was the creation of the Gibson Dunn law firm, which had filed one of the four new lawsuits challenging the 2008 takeover of Fannie and Freddie.
I since have learned that Gibson Dunn has nothing to do with the website..
My apologies to the Gibson Dunn law firm for associating them with this endeavor--which seeks to rally F&F allies and raise money to back its efforts--and anyone who may have contacted the site offering support or, worse, a financial contribution. 
When I first became aware of my inaccurate attribution, I posted an initial concern on the blog's "Comments" section.
I've since been told by a senior lawyer (not from Gibson Dunn), managing one of the four suits, that the person behind the web site may be one Thomas Goddard (sp?), of whom I know nothing.
The site's creator may, indeed, be a major Fannie/Freddie advocate, but I personally can't attest to that because I never have encountered the gentleman and can't find any information about him. (If you  have any, please share it with me?)
So check the site if you want, but be slow to pledge anything until you become convinced of  the site's and Mr. Goddard's (sp?) bona fides.
I promise more care and caution in future blogs.
Maloni, 7-17-2013


Kosher said...

Hi Bill!

Sorry for the confusion, but I guess it's a good thing that the site looks professional enough to give a positive impression, and thanks for your support; however, I understand your concerns. I will add some details about my participation to the site. I thought that my profile on the donation page would suffice, but I suppose having it at the bottom of the page is confusing. I've spent more than $1000 promoting the site on Facebook (including the donations received thus far), and continue to promote the site. As a supporter yourself, you likely have a good understanding of the concerns with the conservatorship (violation of the 5th amendment, property rights, administration, conflicts of interest, etc. -- as the site emphasizes.)

I am looking at legal avenues on a corporation or looking for a proper 503(c) corporation that would be willing to accept donations for the campaign, but have not found one yet. As a UCSC student, we have a congress, and I am officially affiliated with the College Ten (Social Justice and Community), so this might provide the best route, and I intended to contact my advisor today to find out how to best integrate this into my goals.

Thank you!

Bill Maloni said...

Thank you.

I like everything I read on the site, but if it is backed by the guy whose name I received, I just don't know anything about him.

That's what gives me some hesitancy.

But, if he is legit and proselytizes on the issues he mentions, more power to him.

Thomas Goddard said...
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Thomas Goddard said...

Hi Mr. Maloni,

Thank you for the feedback. I added my profile back to the bottom of the donation page -- I hope it helps relieve some of your hesitancy! I am still working on getting a non-profit organization to accept the donations in my favor, but also allow dispersement of funds for maintaining the site and press conferences with our supporters.

Thank you!
Thomas Goddard

Bill Maloni said...

Thanks for the self-identification, Thomas.

Thomas Goddard said...

Mr. Maloni, is there a number I can reach you at? I would love to chat with you and get feedback from you. Feel free to email me your info if possible at:


Robert Mae said...

With all due respect Thomas, the cause doesn't need funding, as not only is it in the best interests of a few HF to spend 10's of millions each to get the govt to correct itself, but when the foe has no concept of cost - only votes and one-upmanship - trying to outspend it is a futile endeavor.

We state our case, some listen. We state it again, more do. More than anything, we need to educate against the misinformation. Thanks for providing a website that helps.

Robert Mae said...

"Is the Cavalry Coming?"

No doubt, but I don't like that it has deemed it needs to.

I don't like that the most obvious of injustices, to me, is anything but to those more involved.

Anonymous said...

@ Robert Mae

but... why?

Since when the government acts like Mother Teresa with great concern for its constituents?

Perhaps Alexander Hamilton thought, conceived and did the right thing. Historically, the other two branches had to set limits to the administration's desire to overpower and override.

Cavalry is always needed!


Qualified Observer said...

Hey Bill, wondered if you had seen these:

Pretty interesting!

Keep up the good work.


Bill Maloni said...


I'll read them and get back.

Also, I hope to speak with Mr. Goddard today.