Thursday, June 8, 2017

Closed until something GSE worth writing about happens; SCOTUS antics too numerous, dangerous, and too few people seem to care. Plus, cataloging going on elsewhere.

DJT is Putin's "Useful Idiot."


Anonymous said...

A guy that built a ten billion dollar business, beat 17 seasoned politicians in the primary and then the most crooked and corrupt politician in modern time for the Presidency and you call him an idiot? Hmmmmm. Kind of an idiotic statement.

Bill Maloni said...


OK, I'll list you as "undecided."

But I see an egotistical billionaire, who honed his skills in the real estate development and New York culture worlds--eschewing intellectual challenges, embracing bully tactics which don't involve getting his hands dirty--promising the stars and moon to needy people to whom he can't deliver, yet will penalize them because they are poor or minorities if his plans get implemented.

He's every bit of the "grab them by the p----" guy he exhibited during the primaries when he beat a bunch of colorless second raters with the help of Russian interference.

Look at all of his campaign promises which he's already ditched, despite his claims that he's passed more laws than......!

He hates being reminded that a majority of American voters didn't choose him, but it's true. His excuse making is legendary.

His cabinet is filled with lackluster ideologues. He has left empty hundreds of subcabinet jobs which like it or not are needed to run the nation.

He's a liar and a conman. I hope he does have tapes of his Comey conversations.

He is not intellectually curious, doesn't read books, let alone the Constitution he pledged to serve.

Unless you are part of the nation's 1%, with all of the hate, animosity, chaos, confusion, and congressional cowering, why do you think you and you family are better off under Donald Trump--just because HRC isn't the President?

Just remember, Putin hated and feared her Hillary; he doesn't fear Donald Trump because the latter plays Putin's "useful idiot" (look up the phrase and see what it means before you do viscerally object).

Trumps buffoonish behavior has done more damage to this nation's prestige around the world--and at home--than Putin and our other enemies ever could have hoped.

There is a reason 80 years worth of bipartisan US Presidents opposed the Soviet Union and now Russia's international scheming....all that is but Donald J. Trump.

Bill Maloni said...

Just looked back at my previous answer and--except for a typo or two--I like what I wrote and stand by it.

No matter your ideology, he's not the man to whom you want your children to look up and emulate.

The long time super rich just don't do "common man or woman" very well. They don't relate or understand.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of your continued bashing, he is The President by the will of the people, except the two coastlines. Looking at the temper tantrum the Establishment, Elites, Lobbyists, MSM, Government employees, both political parties amongst others, it's why he was elected. Not that he is a role model but either was Bill Clinton or the pot smoking street preacher but someone who at least says it like it is. Clearly you are deeply entrenched in your ideology and I guess nothing will change your mind. Your guy had eight years to make things right for the GSE's and he didn't. Now our hope is in someone else. Like it or not.
As for "grab them by their p_____.", how about those interns or Weiner? This list could go on and on and on. The only thing people fear about HRC is if their daughter is left around her husband. Putin only feared that she may reduce the Uranium from 20% to 19% if they didn't contribute to her Foundation.
If you really believe any of this Russian BS, I truly feel sorry for you.
Your GSE updates are appreciated.

Bill Maloni said...

I accept your sorry feelingsfor me, since I do believe the Russians did tamper and apparently so do a lot of the US intelligence agencies, as well as some in the FBI, as well as their counterparts agencies aroudn the world.

Please note my anti-Ruissian feelinsg (venetd at BHO,too) have been upfront for years. And, I note those suspicions have been shared by D and R US Presidents back to WWll. I'll take thta company.

But, if the POTUS is as smart as you believe and, if there is nothing there, why won't DJT just let these investigators investigate and issue their findings.

The ones who matter all are Republicans or have been appointed by Republicans in his own Admin.

It should be easy and--if it is "false news"--once it's behind him, he can get on with his program.

Unless, there is something there there.

While I am happy with his new "dreamer" immigration position, shouldn't someone (you and your ideological confreres) feel cheated since Trump promised to send all of those kids back to the counties of their parents' origin???

Get me some good GSE news and I'll write about it for you, but things look shaky to me.

Anonymous said...

Bill, did BHO tamper in the Israel elections?
Did I say he was smart? I said he built a $10 Billion dollar business, beat 17 seasoned Republican candidates and the most corrupt Democrate in political history which seems he is far from the idiot you claim him to be. The broader point I am trying to make is "the people" voted him in and all Liberals should be asking why?
They are going to investigate this administration until it's last day. Don't you think if there was anything, and I mean anything with substance that they wouldn't have hung him already? All three political parties.
As for the immigration policy, clearly there needs to be middle ground. Called a negotiation. Everyone would like that I assume.
For the record, the liberal media, actors, donors, politicians amongst others are now 0-5 in the elections since Trump has been elected and again I ask a simple question. Why do you think this is happening?
GSE under BHO = Zero
GSE under Trump = Hope.

Bill Maloni said...

Anon--$25 million can buy a lot of congressional attention in Georgia and elsewhere.

She was a lackluster candidate, a dullard, the lesser of the two, but the tremendous GOP rescue/cash effort saved her seat.

The Republican party is rich and getting richer. It's all about money.

We will see more and more of that gargantuan spending as we roll toward the 2018 primaries. Do you really think MoC's should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on the House floor?

Democrats will be in the minority for the next generation and I fear for our nation.

The thoughtless and heartless policies I see DJT throwing up seem targeted at the poorest and weakest among us.

You might enjoy reading the latest Michael Gerson column, which appeared two days ago.

I encourage you to do so and urge you to get back to me, after you read it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I read it. And if anyone is a useless idiot, er uh well it seems it's that writer. Wrong on past, present and most likely will continue being wrong in the future. As soon as I seen Washington Post, before even reading it I knew where it was going. It's candy for the Establishment and Liberals readers.
Did you see the event in Iowa tonight? Did you "ever" in your life see people so excited? Hopeful? Happy? Ever?
I'll ask you again. Why do you think this is happening? 1005 Legislative seats have gone R. Why do you think that happened and continues?
My guess is because of what you said above. People FEAR for their country and are taking a stand. Mostly against a small minority of Progressives that used PC as a weapon to get their agenda accomplished.
No more bowing to our enemies, negotiating with Cuba, Iran or drawing imaginary red lines. No more sellout of America workers to TPP, NAFTA or a phony Climate Conference.
As for the $25M, what about HRC spending 5X more then Trump?
Again, I see the same flaws that you and everyone else sees. But the average person is fed up with career politicians who are, let's say not the most honest people in the country. Both sides.
As a Independentl Conservative I am most likely more irritated with the RNC then you, but anyone who fights against Liberals is fine with me as they have zero regard for any thing Constitutional.

Bill Maloni said...

Just for the record, Gerson is a syndicated columnist whose work appears in dozens (hundreds) of papers. My local paper happens to be the Post, in which his work appears.

Are North Korea, Russia, Iran, China, and the world's other troublemakers more afraid of the US and what's your proof?

Do you think this President can keep us out of a shooting war which could go nuclear? (If you go back to pre-election blogs and those after Trump won, I cited that as a concern.)

IF the Senate healthcare bill screws the elderly and the poor, do you think that's good GOP public and what you voted for as an Independent Conservative?

Have you seen any public policy proposals (tax reform, infrastructure, healthcare, environmental, social matters), which don't hand a major win to the 1%?

I'm all for tough guy foreign policy but this guy is weakling and has others do his fighting and speaking.

Hillary, Bill, BHO, nor Bernie are President. Is Trump your ideal?

Anonymous said...

Gerson is a hack. His opinion is useless to about 60 million people.

IMO, North Korea, Russia, Iran and China are DEFINITELY more concerned today then they have ever been. Do you or didn't you hear what Trump told the Muslin leaders of the world? Whew.

Who can say for certain if there is going to be a shootout. All I know is I rather be behind this Administration then the last.

Talk about screwing folks, how is that ACA working out?

As for new Policy, I know you are a pretty smart guy but I don't know if you are honest enough with yourself to know what's holding up these great policy ideas.

Again, Trump won. As for me, better then any Liberal. Any past or present.


Ideal? I like someone that I hasn't grown up in politics.

In closing, I asked you multiple times why you think Trump is our President?

Bill Maloni said...

Gerson, Will, other GOP critics are "hacks," as are anyone who disagrees with or challenges the "Orange Man."

Truth, I did miss what he said to the "Muslim leaders," what was it?

Also ACA is working despite the "it's falling apart" claims from his WH.

But, the House and Senate fixes, so far, are all the same reduce Medicaid coverage for the elderly and low income and provide tax cuts for the wealthy. It's right there in both proposals.

Is that what you want?

As an Independent Conservative, do you approve of how the Senate healthcare bill was put secret (with no female Senators there to look after women's health issues)? And lastly, have you looked around at our nation lately. The minority demographics are growing; more Black, Brown, and Yellow Americans..

When you see these Admin meetings and bill signings, do those crowds look like America or more like the local Chamber of Commerce meetings 40 years ago??

Ozzie and Harriet is history; those years are long gone.

Do Independent Conservatives seek to revive that tableau?

Anonymous said...

Why did Trump win in your opinion?

Bill Maloni said...

Some D voters, turned off by HRC's "blah" personna and campaign, thinking others wouldn't do the same. Bernie's campaign sapped her of people and energy that should have gone to her, but didn't

Trump appealed--with a duplicitous campaign based on promises he couldn't/can't fulfill--to a major slug of Americans who felt left out or were left out of the previous eight years of Obama control.

He used social media better than his opponents.

Bill Maloni said...

Ooops, first line should have read "some D voters never turned up," turned off.......

Anonymous said...

Like the promise of de-regulation?
The promise of renewing Coal production?
The promise of a great SCOUS pick?
The promise of not bowing to foreign powers?
Having empathy for the middle class?
Respecting Law Enforcement
Position on Cuba?
Eliminating TPP?
Salary freeze for Government employees, who are grossly overpaid vs. privet sector?
Reducing "Illegal" immigration?
Seen the Stock Market? DOW, S&P and average middle cass 401K?
Promoting Women's Entrepreneur Act?
Literally more in the first five months then the past eight years.
Most importantly icalling out the Liberal Loons and the MSM for what they are. This is the best of all. Eliminating the NYT, Huff Post, LAT and Hollywood for the brain washing that has went on for decades. IMO, Trump will break the Unions, Blacks, Hispanic amongst others stronghold from the Democrats by the end of his four years. Maybe not Hollywood, MSM, gvernment bureaucrats or Colleges, all which are a breeding ground for evil.

Anonymous said...

Robert Hess said...

Bill what is your take on the Twins? A lot of talk about being private, and Glenn Bradford has written another paper in Seeking Alpha. I am still holding on to hope that the courts will give us a trial. Have you heard anything of note?

Jeffrey Moffatt said...

How does the recent disclosure in Fairholme, done in mid July, change your assessment on when and if the Fannie will be released.