Thursday, July 2, 2020

Wear a mask, protect yourself and others, don't become a grim statistic

One Man’s GSE Opinions and more

With all due respect to actor Matt Damon and his performance in the movie “Good Will Hunting,” how do you like them SCOTUS apples, Director Calabria?
Your seat has to be a little warmer since the High Court ruled this week you can be dumped by the President (any President).
However, I would advise it’s too soon to burnish resume and pack your bags, but you might want to accelerate your GSE RBC/Conservatorship considerations and bend toward those who’ve told you your original language is too extreme and will drive up mortgage costs for those who most need Fannie and Freddie support.
Or, you can ignore the political/business realities, try and promulgate your bad reg, and go down Kamikaze-like appealing to your financial friends on the Right for your next job.
There are acceptable GSE options for you but will you have the leadership skill/instinct to find them?
You might still be able to salvage something from this exercise, if you employ your outside advisors—as well as listen, carefully, to the investment banks which Fannie and Freddie each hired.

Corona-19 Virus and Putin

[For all of those who have chastised me over my occasional comments about President Trump’s performance and record, I wanted to share one more DJT quote for you from Jan. 6, 2020--just six months ago--to show you how reality-removed he’s been from what’s happening to America.]
The POTUS to CNBC: “We have it (The Corona Virus) totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s — going to be just fine.”
A hundred twenty five thousand American deaths and growing numbers later—with the prospect of that figure doubling—we know, if the POTUS doesn’t, it hasn’t been fine, since he ignored COVID-19 facts except to cherry-pick items and justify his anti-science, anti-intellectual, egotistical actions.
He defaulted to individual Governors for any kind of public health relief. Unfortunately, a number of them (in Red states) followed their leader and now are paying the price, or at least their citizens are.
When you readers vote in November, remember, the dead and sick, the millions of unemployed, and the wreck our economy has become under Donald Trump.
And don’t get me started about DJT’s “good friend” Vlad Putin.
Say all you want about Joe Biden, but he has more integrity in one hand than DJT has in his entire body.
Any US serviceman or woman—plus their friends and families--should be ashamed to support the guy who refuses to challenge Russia over reports of the Kremlin paying the Taliban to murder American and British GI’s in Afghanistan.
Judge Margaret Sweeney
She’s still important, but not many people know when she was a little girl, Judge Margaret Sweeney was frightened by a calendar and its many different numbered days. This condition also is known as “numerophobia” or fear of numbers (often called “arithmophobia”).
Anxiety meds and therapy often are used by sufferers to get over the condition.
Because of that childhood fear, today Judge Sweeney chooses to kill off more legal and judicial deadline dates than her peers, all the while damning the government for the lies it told and slow walking “discovery” in her GSE case.
Now—a new court decision she blessed this week—puts us into March of 2021 for the next meeting—or even later—(expect invariably this time frame will get scrubbed and rescheduled, too, a legal can too often kicked down the road).

Maloni, 7-2-2020

Happy July 4 to you all; stay safe.