Sunday, July 20, 2014

Maloni Offers Foreign Policy Advice to President Obama



President Obama, Go Get ‘Em,
Go After Putin and Russia Now 


Vladimir Putin and the Russians created this horrible debacle in the Ukraine and have lied through their teeth ever since, starting the crisis with the phony Crimea invasion on which you and the world gave him a pass. 

The Russians provided the Ukrainian “separatists”—many believed to be masquerading Russian soldiers or thugs--with sophisticated weapons, political cover, incentive and rewards. 

Their Russian patrons either poorly-trained this posse or helped them operate the technologically complex Buk missile system that last week brought down the Malaysian jet, murdered 298 people, and generated untold sorrow for hundreds of families. 

Russia’s Ukrainian separatist proxies reportedly looted the crash site, like so many ghouls picking over the dead, and may have turned over the plane’s crucial black boxes (which aren’t colored black) to their Russian overlords, like ignorant little acolytes. 

Putin’s militant surrogates have slow walked allowing civil and NATO specialists near the crime scene. They have denied prompt analysis or access to crucial evidence—and the likely identity of the perps—or the identification and humane and proper treatment of the dead. 

The world knows Russia will continue to prevaricate and deny any evidence which points the finger at them or their Ukrainian allies and will attempt to bluster and blame others. 

That’s hardly civilized behavior but predictable given the Russian gestalt (remember, "kourve and gonniff"). 

So far, President Obama has counselled patience and placed some financial/economic sanctions on I-always-will-be-KGB Russian leader and his cronies.

Neither of which will do squat to slow down this Stalin wannabe (one writer this weekend described Putin as “rat faced” and he’s right). 

There is a haunting question asked in most every “alternative history” book written about European events occurring 80 years ago, implied either in the story or specifically asked in the prologue. “If you had a chance to stop Adolph Hitler in the early 1930’s, would you?” 

Today, I would treat Putin like a rabid dog that requires literal or figurative extermination. Help him chop wood, shirtless, in purgatory. 

President Obama, you should man up and hit Putin now, while much of the world gingerly berates the Kremlin; smack him and his gang while they are  befuddled and confused by the multicountry outcry; don’t give the Russians time to reinforce their natural “It wasn’t us” defense and fabricate information indicting others. 

Start immediately, sir, announce the sending of financial, economic and military support to the Ukrainian government and demand like behavior from Germany, England, France, and every other European country which has gorged on Uncle Sam’s goodwill and treasury since World War ll ended. 

Smack the Putin bully in the nose and then hit him again; don’t coddle the Russians and don’t seek to mollify them with understanding words. 

Build on your sanctions, President Obama, but show the Russian people—or more likely the Russian oligarchs who control the country’s economy--that Putin is a disaster, not worthy to lead, and dangerous. His behavior can cost the elites their ill-gotten fortunes and their faux western lifestyle. Then hope that internally, some Russians, abandon, stop him, or otherwise remove Putin before he plunges the world into a nuclear war.

You want a legacy, sir, here’s one for you. “The leader who led the world and backed Putin down!” 

International respect has to be earned, even if it means rattling Uncle’s sabers. 

If you need extra incentive Mr. President, here it is. It’s reported been reliably that Vladimir Putin is a big Sarah Palin and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fan; with the latter he makes Ackman and Berkowitz look like greenhorns and novices. 

(Oh, oh. Look out Moscow, here comes a PO’d “Barry Obama!”)


Maloni, 7-20-2014


Anonymous said...


Your blog post reminded me. Do you happen to have your grandmother's recipe for borscht?

Bill Maloni said...

Grandma died before I was a year old and I never remember my mother making borscht. But I can remember some of my relatives (her side) eating it.

If it helps, my mother and dad rented our first home from a Russian family (later buying the house from them) and Mr. and Mrs. Andreychek taught me how to drink tea, with milk and sugar, and how to say a few Russian words.

Bill Maloni said...

Another "piss willy" (one of my mother's favorite pejoratives)
statement from President Obama this morning.

Does he really think the Russians care about this "outrage," minus some action? How about just announcing financial and economic aid for the Ukraine and some American military advisors to help with the coming materiel support?

Anonymous said...

How about a boycott on importing Russian nest dolls?

That would help nderminevtheir economy.

Bill Maloni said...

Anon--I think you are onto something. After all, the only thing you find is another doll, only smaller.

You could start that campaign here. I suggest a call to the Chamber of Commerce.

Then you can add Russian-made cars, baseball gloves, and......