Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween, Nice Mask! Oh, you’re not wearing one?

“What’s Going on…?”

“Picket lines and picket signs
Don’t punish me with brutality
Talk to me, so you can see
Oh, what's going on
What's going on
Yeah, what's going on
Ah, what's going on…”

Like the late Marvin Gaye, I, too, want to know what’s going on?

Hillary Clinton can’t seem to put a stake through the heart of the Trump campaign, despite the fact that he’s been the worst presidential candidate in decades and has run a bad and understaffed campaign, threatening to sue anyone who challenges his brazen statements and behaviors or disagrees with him.

Bill Clinton has managed to make millions from some of the same companies/interests which have donated to the Clinton Foundation, an organization—as foundations go—which has been diligent in spending its money on children, families, and those in need all over the world. Unnerving.

And this weekend, the FBI decided that it needed to look again at the HRC private email system IN THE CONTEXT OF ANOTHER CASE IT’S INVESTIGATING INVOLVING FORMER NEW YOUR MoC DEMOCRAT ANTHONY WEINER.

As I am fond of noting, I may have come into town in the back of a turnip wagon, but not last night!

FBI Director James Comey—MAYBE FIGURING HE COULD SALVAGE SOME GOP CRED-- made a “I know this will come back to bite me”  move involving former Congressman  Weiner (D-NY) and his wife Huma Abedin, long time HRC aide, from whom the “sexting” Weiner now is separated.

Despite his suggestions to the contrary, I suspect Comey knew exactly what impact this nothing burger announcement would have aiding the Trump campaign, but he argued--inside the agency--the Department would look bad or hesitant, if he failed to notify the few Congressmen and Senators to whom he wrote.

Excuse, me I’m calling Bull Shit on Comey.

There’s a reason the Justice Department—whose leadership Comey ignored and dissed--typically avoids discussing or calling attention to its investigations within 60 days of an election, since the absence of detail, as this one lacked, could produce a distorted understanding by the public and influence voting, in this instance 11 days before an unprecedented presidential election and hundreds of congressional races.

The early headlines—which produced near identical Trump and Clinton responses, asking DoJ to supply more information--could give Trump a few more votes than he otherwise would have gotten from some folks who didn’t need much more reason to vote against Hillary. But, if people just read their newspapers and listen to TV, they’ll see the craven emptiness of Comey’s gesture.

Highlighting the fact that none of the reported emails, copies of which the FBI may already possess, were sent to her or by her to others.

That’s why Mrs. Clinton has asked the FBI to fully disclose its concerns and objectives so the America people can decide “What’s going on?”
Comey skullduggery?

It’s also necessary, for those who believe Trump that Mrs. Clinton needs to go to jail over her use of the private email service, the Washington Post today reminded us that Comey said, “No prosecutor could bring a case (against Mrs. Clinton) because the FBI could not find evidence that indicated ‘clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information.’ ”

On the GSE Court front, too
 “What’s Going On?”………

(If GSE earnings possibly come this week—as has been reported--look for them to be decent, further filling the General Fund with additional taxpayers money, undercutting the “GSEs=bad business model” rhetoric.)

The federal government—the White House, the Treasury, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)—collectively have given the one finger salute (which ain’t “You’re #1”) to Judge Margaret Sweeney and her request for the Obama Administration to provide plaintiffs’ lawyers access to 50 or so documents which she ruled the attorneys should see, as part of their legal actions against the government.

As I write this, the government is balking, appealing, and trying to hide behind a variety of excuses, i.e. the information is part of super sensitive executive communications and—if made public—it could roil the national and international debt markets because of their inherent confidential and hush-hush character!!

Really? Really??

OK, OK, you all can stop laughing now.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes or Boston Blackie to know there is nothing in these documents, some of them nearing nine and ten years old which—if published—would move anyone to do anything financially dire.

I mean what hasn’t be said publicly/loudly about the GSEs, in truth or with lying deceit (much more the latter), yet F&F still seem to be pumping out copious amounts of mortgage liquidity for US mortgagors all across the nation, just like the Energizer Bunny?

So our government is hiding a bunch of boneheaded Fannie and Freddie predictions its employees made, threats, inaccurate prognostications, which likely include written reports lying to courts, Congress, the media, and the American people,  Yep, this government is the one President Obama promised would be the most transparent in history?

The Feds are covering the political asses—probably not very well—of Treasury executives, White House appointees, FHFA officials, maybe some Federal Reserve personnel, and an outside cabal, i.e. “the fellow travelers,” with whom this Admin bunch consorted.

The usual suspects are Stegman, Parrott, Sperling, Weiss, Lew, but the names on/in those docs probably range farther and wider.

When/if those reports get published, those people will be embarrassed—since it will be after the Obama Admin leaves town to be replaced by the Clinton or Trump Administration (maybe they do have a worry here??)—but nobody will go to jail, right? (Maloni legal friends, I am right about that aren’t !? Oh, there is that perjury thing.)

Remember, VOTE ON NOV. 8

Along with many of your friends, colleagues and family, I am hoping this presidential election will end, smoothly on Nov. 8 or Nov. 9, with the loser conceding victory to the election winner.

But, we know that may not happen and that’s all out of our control.

All we citizens can do is make sure that we—our relatives and people in our personal networks—are properly registered to vote and then vote on Nov. 8.

Valued readers, your task is to check with all of your peeps—whether D’s or R’s-- between now and Tuesday, Nov. 8, email, text, or phone, to insure they are ready and can get to their local polling places.

I get incensed at the (too many) stories of GOP efforts, mainly, to suborn the vote and keep certain people away from the polls, limiting their right to select their chosen public officials.

That’s heinous/destructive behavior by anyone, no matter your party affiliation. So, blow the whistle, too, on any Democrats you see or hear doing it.

Our nation will survive this election and hopefully, when it finally is over, all of us will work together at making the country secure, better, and more fair to all of its citizens.

Maloni, 10-30-2016


Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, Trying to score some points to get your lobbying job back? Stop it, you are a failure. You are better off to retire. HRC or Trump would not do a shit for GSE shareholders. Stay home, do not vote is what I say. You stop being a pimp. Rememeber 'white boys' commnent got you in trouble. So who is racist here?

Bill Maloni said...

Anon, my friend--I got into no trouble using the phrase "White boys"--except maybe with you-- because, think, it is descriptive, accurate, and also displays a certain bureaucratic MO.

Why would I want my old or any lobbying job back? That work is for young and "hungry" people. Plus, I've certainly expressed a lot of personal disdain for most Senators and MoCs. Do you think they don't remember or know that? But, since most on the Hill only want campaign cash from lobbyists, it may not matter.

When I worked at Fannie, senior management and the business was filled with entrepreneurs.

Unless that scenario was recreated, I would find going back boring and unfulfilling.

Anonymous said...

"The federal government—the White House, the Treasury, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)—collectively have given the one finger salute (which ain’t “You’re #1”) to Judge Margaret Sweeney and her request for the Obama Administration to provide plaintiffs’ lawyers access to 50 or so documents which she ruled the attorneys should see, as part of their legal actions against the government."
And you Bill, YOU, are partly responsible for this corrupt administration by your continued ideological support of them and the crook coming right behind them. Your writing has exposed you for what you are. Your comments on the FBI are so ludicrous they are almost ignorant after writing what you did above. You have lost your way and any common sense, assuming you ever had any. I used to think you did. You have exposed yourself as a left wing liberal loon who will steal, cheat or lie to support your candidate, er uh Polictal Party

Bill Maloni said...

Anon--Tone it down a few octaves.

You engage in name calling and invective and blame me for the Obama years?? I try and respect anyone who writes to me.

We are not going to agree on these things and I am not your enemy. I suspect your are angry at someone else and I just am handy.

Look at tonight's news and tomorrow's stories, there was/is great discord inside the FBI over Comey's actions, which I suspect will amount to nothing.

But, please don't fool yourself that "politics" doesn't exist at every federal agency and department, no matter which party is in control.

Garnering political power/influence is the only industry in this town and that will be unchanged if your hero, Mr. Trump, wins in nine days.

Bill Maloni said...

Anon--This is for you and shows that soem traditionally conservative elements were very upset wiht Comey's actions.

From Huffington Post:

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro came to Hillary Clinton’s defense on Sunday, criticizing FBI Director James Comey over his recently announced investigation into new emails relating to the former secretary of state.

“Comey’s actions violate, not only long-standing Justice Department policy, the directive of the person that he works under, the attorney general,” the former prosecutor said, referring to Loretta Lynch’s reported disagreement with Comey, “but even more important, the most fundamental rules of fairness and impartiality.”

A vocal supporter of GOP nominee Donald Trump, Pirro said Comey’s decision to announce the investigation so near Election Day reminded her of her own experience while running for New York attorney general in 2006. She called a DOJ investigation into her practices at the time “mean-spirited, and of course, nothing came of it except the adverse publicity cost me at the polls.”

“What was done to me in 2006 was wrong, and what happened to Hillary Clinton was equally wrong,” Pirro said. “Now this nation has already gone through an exhausting and traumatic campaign season. The FBI director should not now be front and center.”

Clinton’s campaign and Senate Democrats are calling on Comey to clarify the nature of the investigation out of concern that it is being misused for political purposes. “This is the biggest political scandal since Watergate, and I’m sure it will be properly handled from this point,” Trump said at a rally on Friday.

Comey’s decision to announce the investigation so close to the election also alarmed Richard Painter, who served as the chief ethics lawyer in the White House under George W. Bush from 2005 to 2007. Painter announced Sunday in a New York Times op-ed that he had filed a Hatch Act violation complaint against Comey. The act prohibits employees of the executive branch from engaging in political activity.

“I have spent much of my career working on government ethics and lawyers’ ethics, including two and a half years as the chief White House ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush, and I never thought that the F.B.I. could be dragged into a political circus surrounding one of its investigations,” Painter wrote. “Until this week.”

Truthwillsaveus said...

Bill, I have been following the gses for some time as most of my ira is riding on them. I also keep up with what's going on in the world but choose my sources carefully because there seems to be a clash of ideologies in which truth, objectivity, and rationality are ignored and a carefully constructed and reinforced worldview is accepted absolutely no matter how illogical or indefensible. Your posts are a refreshing perspective on an issue which is much more important than most realize no matter what your politics. The outcome will have an enormous impact on we shareholders and the country for generations.

Anonymous said...

The minute Hillary decided to intermingle government emails with personal one on a private server, she opened a Pandora's box. I know you despise Trump, but to me The Clinton crime family has done much more to erode the trust in american government..(unless Trump is proven he does have ties to Putin). Any mafioso group would bow down to what they have been able to achieve. I think the best case scenario is Trump being elected, evidence comes out, he steps down and Pence becomes president.. Maybe the democrats are thinking the same thing with Hillary and Kaine.. All I know, is whomever is appointed to the supreme court needs to believe totally in the constitution and not the latest whim of the current administration. GSE shareholders could easily lose everything. - anonymous in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Here is my toned down version.
If you are in the get-a-way car while your friends are robbing a Bank, you are guilty by association and support. I can't put it any more nicely then that. If you continue to support corruption how in the world can you complain about it? It's like you have a great baseball team but the Left fielder (no pun intended) was robbing everyone's locker but for the sake of the team it was accepted.
It's the Democratic Party that wrote the 3rd Amendment and continued to rob shareholders for the past eight years and STOLE the profits. Spin away, but that's a fact.

Bill Maloni said...

Truth--Thank you for reading and your commentary. It's appreciated.



OK, I--and everyone who voted for BHO--is responsible for the "Third amendment." Just be careful for what you wish.

Anonymous said...

What will you say when they find classified emails that Hillary thought she deleted? What will you say when the FBI recommends an indictment of Clinton? I can't wait to see how you will attempt to spin that one. Ha!!

Bill Maloni said...


Before I give you a very straight answer to your question, please note former Republican AIG Alberto Gonzales, today, just slammed Comey for his actions.

Are the Democrats forcing these media Trump supporters (Pirro) and former GOP Justice Department senior execs Gonzales and Painter, to condemn what you refuse to see as an error of judgment and behavior (not to mention politically motivated)?


To you question, I don't think either of those two things will happen. If she wins, why engage in a witch hunt against a soon-to-be sitting President. If she loses the race, why go after your defeated opponent and show the nation, you can't be a gracious winner (oh and piss off half the nation who didn't vote for you)?

Bill Maloni said...

Ooops--'To your question"..not "you question."

Anonymous said...

Gee....I don't know? Maybe to uphold the rule of law, which democrats seem to have absolutely no concern about. Comey has something major or he wouldn't have reopened. Count on it. HRC deserves to be exposed for the criminal that she is.

Bill Maloni said...


You keep repeating the "criminal" theme--as do many Trump supporters--what do you know the FBI doesn't???

In the blog, I quoted Comey who said the FBI didn't have enough evidence to support that Mrs. Clinton broke the law.

I hope you have a sense of humor, you might find the video below funny and a manifestation of the Trump campaign.

Anonymous said...

I am betting as many Trump supporters that Huma serves as the cloud Hillary didn't know about. There will most likely be classified emails, the emails Hillary thought she deleted (you know the 30,000 about yoga and grand kids) and probably some emails between Hillary, Huma and Cheryl Mills clearly showing intent to cover up. Comey would never have reopened the investigation without already knowing there is some very damaging info. on the pervert's computer. Karma's a bitch.

Bill Maloni said...

So you think Comey did this with intent, kind of like a three corner bank shot?

But, it's still Huma, not HRC.

That's what others tell me about karma.

We're going to get a chance to find out a week from now. I hope you are ready and have on your big-boy pads.

Anonymous said...

Do I really need to spoon feed this to you? Yes it is Huma and HRC's emails to her are all on her laptop. All her correspondence with Huma, as well as, Cheryl Mills. I wonder if there are any classified emails on there? I wonder if they all discussed how to cover up the email scandal? I wonder if there are incriminating Clinton Foundation emails on there? I'm betting YES to all!

Anonymous said...

Any chance it's the Treasury shorting F&F?

Bill Maloni said...

Anon--Now there would be a story.

Why would it/they short the company with all of those warrants in their possession? Wouldn't that dilute their value?

Anonymous said...

The Treasury has the financial power, strength and free money to short the stock and accumulate. Why else is a Fortune 50 Company that makes $Billions$ trading for under $2.00 and can't get any momentum after making over $100,000,000,000.

Bill Maloni said...


"Why?" How about the belief drilled home by dozens of GOP discordant mis-directed voices and interests that Fannie and Freddie caused the 2008 financial meltdown' the GOP never will support their operational revival; F&F represent the Democrats' wet dream; crowd out the ephemeral "private sector;"unfairly compete with TBTF banks (which enjoy far more federal benefits that the GSEs; and judges who buy the same cock and bull?

I expect you know all of those arguments.

What do you say when you hear them? Does your pocketbook speak out or your partisanship??

Anonymous said...

There's only one party that enacted the NWS and stole all of its profits, NOT the GOP. Trump will recap and release because unlike dems he has a brain and knows we need the GSE's and it's a good deal for the gov and shareholders. HRC would gladly hand over to TBTF banks being the crony capitalist that she and her scumbag sex offender husband are.

Bill Maloni said...


So, now that you have solved this, we don't have to worry about it?

Hillary's and and Trump is good.

Since you are forcing me to talk about GSE politics.

Why didn't and hasn't that GOP controlled Congress said or done anything, since 2012, about the "Sweep's" massive theft of company assets and shareholders property?

What does its silence/inaction say about the Republican Party?

Why isn't what plaintiffs have complained about--in 30 plus major lawsuits--a violation of the same Constitution the GOP says needs to be scrupulously followed.

"Takings" are takings, right?

Anonymous said...

The GOP may want to steal the Profits or hand then over to the TBTF Banks but the Democrates are actually doing it. And by the way, Watt can release any time he chooses fir the past years regardless of what the GOP wants.

Bill Maloni said...

I agree and he obviously has not because his bosses don't want that. (My premise in previous blogs was based on a new D President needing the ongoing Black and Hispanic Caucuses--and their constituents-- support.)

But, again, why hasn't the GOP--which controlled Congress for past two "Sweep" years--said or done anything but line up behind this Administration, you loathe?

Where was its love or support for homeownership?

I've consistently nailed Obama and his cohort for this housing apostasy, but do you really believe that Corker, Shelby, and Hensarling will let Trump maintain the GSEs.

If so, based on what?

Anonymous said...

I am an Independent. You consistently spin and spin and spin off of the FACTS. The Democrates, no one else, wrote, stole and continue to cheat the Shareholders. Regardless of what the jealous Republican's want it the Democrates that caused this theft and will continue to do so. If you could read have someone read what you write, maybe then you woukd see how you sound? The Republicans and Trump, whom I don't view as a true Republican, have not stole one penny from Shareholders. Not one. Now from my view it's either the same ole, same ole or try something different? Your stance suggest you woukd forfeit the Shareholders rights for an ideological candidate. So sad.

Bill Maloni said...

You really believe that the GOP "has not stolen" anything, but sitting by and not objecting to the "Sweep" is good public policy and not partisan malice??

Okay you are right; all of the GSE faults lie with the Democrats and the GOP is blameless and benevolent.......get back to me after the election.