Friday, November 4, 2016

Presidential Election Final Blog

A Trump Presidency???

Relative to my deep feelings, I have stayed remarkably quiet about a possible Trump’s presidency (although some of my readers have asked me to take their names from the blog mailing list, because they felt I wasn’t fair to their candidate). So be that.

No matter which candidate wins next week, close to half the nation’s voters will abhor the new President. We’ll see if the loser seeks to heal or hurt.

With a Clinton win, one side one side will cheer with relief, while the other goes antediluvian hateful. (I let you figure out which will do what?)

But, if Donald Trump wins, what would he do and what types of people, would a President Trump employ with the 4000 political appointments each President gets?

This is a key to his Admin’s success, since despite what he thinks, he can’t make every meaningful  decision and will need lots of support, efficiency and good communication,  especially since, reportedly, he doesn’t delegate well and likes to “let Trump be Trump” managing himself most major decisions. That will be a major problem for POTUS Trump.

His agenda, based on his campaign? Not major or demanding (Maloni said sarcastically.)

OK, he’s promised to repeal Obamacare (risking the health insurance of millions of Americans who least can afford it) and usher in some new scheme which will light up the eyes and appetites of all insurance and healthcare firms engaged in producing medicines and medications. No big deal there, should be a cinch.

He has promised to remove the criminal element among 11 million illegal US residents, primarily the “bad Hombres” (maybe one--above--and two are related?) and simultaneously fix the US immigration system, with a special eye toward keeping out Muslims whom he feels don’t respect/like the US enough and are a threats to our national safety. Ethnic or racial immigration profiling? This won’t take long or meet any opposition in Congress.

Trump has vowed to clean up our inner cities and provide jobs, good education, crime free neighborhoods, and more to minority Americans, primarily Black and Hispanics who he doesn’t forcibly remove from our communities. Should be easy since we’ve only spent about $50 Trillion trying to do the same thing, but DT says he has the answers.

He has sworn to bust up and renegotiate if every bad foreign trade “deal” replacing it with a better deal. Based on his campaign, there’s not one trade deal he won’t try and “bust up.”

He has asserted, he would charge our foreign allies, i.e. Japan, South Korean, Germany, much of Europe, etc. more cash for the protection of the US military strength in Europe and Asia, and if they don’t pay up, he might drop participation in those multi-decade security arrangements, which themselves produce international commerce.

He sworn to cut taxes significantly for the very wealthy whom he considers more worthy and deserving, because his economists, likely from the US Chamber or the equivalent, have told him that “trickle down” approach works—despite what history shows--and really is not trickle down to the mass of American who won’t benefit as grandly, i.e. it’s called feeding the cows to feed the crows?

He’s determined to break the back of ISIS (he has a plan here, because he “knows ISIS better than the generals”), Iran, North Korea, Chinese opportunism (which, as a businessman, he regularly availed himself), Iraq, and Syria. Attack without warning parts of the Middle East where we have enemies but which he laments know our every move in advance. Good luck, DT, after you ripped all those US military oficers in your campaign.

He also will secure/defend for his presidential lifetime everything related to Israel.

Trump will cooperate with his good friend and ally Vladimir Putin to bring world peace and prosperity to a whole new era of Russian thugs, I mean, citizens and oligarchs. See Trump’s buddy Jim Comey’s participation—below--or lack thereof.

Comey is no profile in courage

This is the FBI Director, bravely willing to step into the presidential election but not willing to speak against Vladimir Putin??? See the article below from Thursday’s Washington Post.

Am I the only one who sees he refused to support the finding that Russia hacked US websites, because his FBI wasn’t the source of the intel??? Talk about silo thinking.

Does anyone in the Trump posse not like the Russians and are afraid to cross them? 

Here’s my analysis of Comey. If HRC wins, he’s gone; if Trump wins, he’ll want to run a few victory laps and bask in DT’s sun, then, quickly, leave to cash in on those inevitable major GOP employment opportunities.

Yes, I think President Donald Trump will be a disaster, unable and unwilling to truly clean out Washington’s Aegean Stables, despite all of his rhetoric.

Please note that George W. Bush’s NSA and CIA Director, Michael Hayden, yesterday, in an article today called Trump, “Russia’s useful fool.”


Post-blog publication news, added at 6:30 PM, 11-4-16:

For all of you lamenting that I was hard on Comey and the FBI for pissing on the Clinton campaign, look at Rudy Giuliani's "FBI leak" admission today and then ask yourself, "Did the FBI interfere politically in the Trump-Clinton presidential election?"

And what's that say about those FBI agents, their organization, and the rule of law,  if the misogynist, racist, immigrant hating liar, is their preferred presidential choice and they decided to play political judge and jury? And you wonder why some minorities don't trust law enforcement?


…Back to the Trump Presidency

The Donald claims he will throttle Wall Street and those big bad businesses, to which he wants to give massive tax cuts; yet I’ve already predicted he would go along with the big bank plan to do away with Fannie and Freddie and replace it with something that the GOP,  Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) NAHB, NAR, and MBA like better. No chaos or confusion there, either.

DT insists he will get rid of the EPA, Department of Education, Consumer Finance Protection Board and “two thirds” of all US regulations which he believes inhibits the US economic engine (and his friends on Wall Street whom he simultaneously is throttling and giving huge tax breaks)..

Oh and he would find time to fix the “rotten US education system” and do away with Planned Parenthood, any form of abortion  assistance, and all opposition to the “Second Amendment,” which he’s told us defies Constitutional interpretation and means every household can have its own arsenal.

He will name strict constitutionalists to the SCOTUS, like Antonia Scalia, who died sleeping at the Texas ranch of a rich businessman who hosted parties for the conservative elite.

Don hasn’t mentioned what he would do with his own businesses, except let his children run them, which means anyone doing business with any of the Trump enterprises will be feeding income to President Trump or DT’s version of “pay to play.”

Last but not least, after all of this, he promises to cut the US deficit. But, don’t ask him how, since he has a plan, doesn’t want to share it yet, but he’s guaranteed us it will be “fabulous.”

That should do it for first 90 days, but in his next three months……..

Now you know why he’ll need so much political help, especially when lots of GOP Senators and Congressmen support the status quo and benefit the federal programs and policies he plans to axe. But he’s “The Donald,” he can do whatever he wants, since now he is more than a TV star.

He can grab them by their “whatevers.”

Really America, really?? You would vote for this misanthrope as the leader of the western world?

Hillary’s machinations sometimes rub many of her supporters the wrong way, me included.

But Trump—based on all that we know about him, largely how he’s presented himself during his campaign--would be a walking destructive cyclone, capable of disrupting more than the ways of sleepy arrogant Washington DC.
Before anyone screams, “Hillary will do the same thing.”

Clinton knows the limits of presidential power and the need for cooperation in a divided government and that she must negotiate with Republicans to achieve any success, which Trump doesn’t know D’s because he’s never done it and will be scornful of a minority party. If he wins, he’s just the President, not a King or Emperor and there’s a difference, as long as he tries to maintain a democracy, but then, he’s “The Donald.”

I think HRC’s four thousands political appointees will be more constructive and less destructive than Trump’s.

The Left is sometimes clumsy and predictably squishy, but the organized Right is scary violent and warms to the concept of armed domestic rebellion and dealing with its enemies with brick bats and broken glass, think Brown Shirts. (See Luke O’Brien in Huffington Post, link below.)

You can't make this stuff up, but this week (again, read story above) the KKK newspaper endorsed Trump--or "Russia's useful fool"; just saying’.

A leopard can’t change its spots and Donald Trump has been a leopard all of his life; there is no Trump 2.0. Don’t welcome this fox into the American chicken coop. We all will regret it.

Maloni, 11-4-2016


Anonymous said...

Follow the money. Follow Berkowitz, Icahn to Trump for Justice and to stop bullying of private investors and taking their private property. And you stop being a pimp.

Anonymous said...

I bet if wikileaks revealed all in these hidden GSE documents, the election would have been long lost by the current admin.

Bill Maloni said...

Because I indicate a preference, you're calling me a "pimp."

I've disagreed with you, but never called you names. Tsk, tsk.

WikiLeaks, you mean the "Russians?"

Anonymous said...

If D Trump become president this election ,just blame Obama,HCR herself and corrupt politicians in both aisles ,don't blame anyone else ,the last 20 years this country become a mess, American people are desperate looking for some hope.
A example could be the pseudo-nationalization without compensation implemented by Obama'Govt to FnF ,2 public trade companies,well you know very well the history.
I could say like you if HCR is elected:
A leopard can’t change its spots and Hillary Clinton has been a leopard all of his life; there is no Hillary 2.0. Don’t welcome this fox into the American chicken coop. We all will regret it.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell us that you really care about GSE investment but then turn around and say that you also 'prefer' the same theives. Hypocrisy at its best.

Bill Maloni said...

I can't top you Anon, you are too good (and I'm too civil).

As I suggested before, get back to me after the election.

Anonymous said...

Most everything your wrote about what Trump would do is why he has millions upon millions of supporters.
Your self righteousness looks foolish. You bait everyone with your insults and then tell everyone to cool it, calm down. Typical liberal loon who us in panic mode. You and your buddy, TH717 clearly are in an all out assault mode since the polls are changing. You have COMPLETELY abandoned your original intent for your blog, the GSE issue to take up your political campaign.
Today we went to the hospital because our daughter in graduate school needs Thyroid surgery and if we didn't pay, no surgery on Monday. Here ACA deductible is $13,000. For an unemployed, 24 year old grad student. I read and listen you you friggin Government loons who reap off the taxpayers with the best insurance, best paid holidays and most importantly the best retirement plans, who don't have a CLUE on how the real world operates for people in the privet sector, that PAY YOU!
So you have a pulpit or stage which was originally intended to inform the public on the Democrates theft of the shareholders profits but decided to take up a liberal propaganda agenda. BTW, you have multiple Anon's because you assumed the last one was for me but it wasn't. Just others who think like me.

Anonymous said...

Did you try to fight with HOA for the swing? Did anyone come to your rescue from the Admin?

Bill Maloni said...

Anon--I hope you daughter gets the care she needs and recovers to lead a healthy happy life.

BTW, can't she be part of yours (or Mrs. Anon's) insurance since she is under age 27?

Sorry for my perspective, I am sure your life--and everyone else's--will improve under President

Sorry, you don't like my opinions, but I think Hillary, political warts and all, will be a better safer choice for America and the world. While Trump won't be able to deliver on much of what he claims he will and destroy a lot more in trying.

But, that's the way our democracy works, if he wins next week, he'll get his chance

BTW, why are so many people reluctant to use their real names? If it is worth saying, it should be worth you putting your honest "John Hancock" on your position.

How can anyone tell who you are if everyone cops the "anonymous" label?

Why complain? Readers have the ultimate sanction re my blog, just don't dial it up, don't read it.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think all 4,000 President Trump appointees will be sycophants and/or nut jobs. I mean, the law of averages is such that a few may actually be competent Americans. They’ll be too intimidated to speak up, however, and lay low in the new regime.

Obama’s ‘hope and change’ has nothing on Trump supporter's hope to ‘make America great again.’ Whatever that really means. He’s cheated and tricked nearly everyone ever associated with his business misadventures. His supporters are just a new, larger group of suckers.

But, they’ll always say “crooked Hillary … (fill in the blank). They’re too embarrassed to say why they’re Trump supporters (and not just Hillary haters). Too afraid to own up to being xenophobic, racist, and afraid of their own shadow core. They’ll just let Trump be that spokesperson and grab that pussy.

Bill Maloni said...

And maybe never realize that the "pussies" he's grabbing and using are them!

Anonymous said...

Trump is not winning. It is the other way around: Hillary is losing.
It is a punishment form the society to the political "class"
We like to go with a clown rather than with a cheater. As I am
telling this I apologize with those who work as clowns in circus and

Bill Maloni said...

If you are correct, isn't the result the same?

But, hasn't the "clown's behavior/history" suggested that he has "cheated people" a few times (literally on two wives) and figuratively with his misogyny, media bashing, lies, thin-skinned bigotry, dalliances with Putin, the KKK, organized crime in NJC, anti-Semite Steve Bannon, etc. etc????

Or is that clown behavior now acceptable in the leader of the western world?

I hope enough American voters and the electoral college agree with me.

Anonymous said...

I did not said that I am in favor of the clown, let alone that I approve him. I just said that Hillary is losing. I am voting for Hillary.

Bill Maloni said...

It is worth noting to certain readers that today, FBI Director Comey--despite the strange Anthony Wiener episode two weeks ago--reiterated the FBI's initial finding that Hillary Clinton did not commit and crimes with her private email use and her State Department work.

She was stupid, maybe, but not criminal!!

Well Trumpers, there's always Vince Foster and the "Grassy Knoll."

Anonymous said...

Could be the best hope is for country is to physically divide. Texas is a real possibility. Give the Liberals all the progressiveness they want. Total open borders, Abortion, Gay marriage, no Constitution, no Police, no guns, no law, all the Getto's they want, free everything. A Social utopia where what ever feels good, do it. No one has to work and no Conservatives to have to deal with.
As for signing in Anon, we have all seen what the Liberal loons do to anyone who disagrees with their evil agenda.
Go Hillary!

Bill Maloni said...


Hey, in the spirit of bipartisan compromise, let just support Texas seceding form the Union, as its GOP leaders have discussed for years.

The have my secession support.

That should remove enough bloviating assholes from the US to satisfy most of us.

Of course, when Texas's growing minority (Hispanic and Black) ethnics achieve majority status and announce they are going to stop playing football for local high schools and colleges, what will the minority White Texans do??

Scary to contemplate that one.

Bill Maloni said...

One of these days, I'm going to get "from" and "form" correct and stopped misspelling them.

Or, is there a way to spellcheck inside this box on "Blogspot?"

Anonymous said...

Bloviating assholes? Is that calling the kettle black? Wow. Be careful. You only have about four folks who read your blog. Three conservatives and one liberal. Came here for GSE information but got lessons on politics.

Bill Maloni said...

Where you sit is where you stand and I find the type of verbiage from Texas conservatives bloviating, which is why I've supported its secession ever since I heard Rick Perry mention. The "assholes" part was my own contribution.

If Texas did secede, I would encourage the US President to build a wall along our border with Texas to make those "new" rebels stay out of the United States.

When there is something more about the GSEs to say, I'll say and write it.

But, currently, those matters have been put on hold by a country busy with some other matters.

The Fannie/Freddie talk will return shortly. I hope you join us then.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Mr. Maloni. Oh what a good morning it is Bill. Never felt better for F&F then I have then right now. The PEOPLE have spoke.

Bill Maloni said...


Yes, they have and your guy won.

I hope he takes care of my nation and doesn't rape it.

Before you go gaga over the GSEs, look at some of the Internet stories about how Wall Street is reacting and then tell me why you think F&F survive the bank demands to kill them?

Anonymous said...
Stick around Texas. You won't have to leave our great country.

Anonymous said...

Like i said before , Donald did not win. It is Hilary that lost.
Bill, lets get back to our FnF business

Bill Maloni said...

First Anon--don't be too quick to invite them to stay. I think the state was onto something, which many Americans would support.


Second Anon--I don't knwo, it looked like HRC was flying until Comey interfered and put out some bullshit which he took back a week later, repeating she had done "nothing wrong." (Tell me again why you trust those "rogue FBI agents?" Was he serious ro was he winkign in some kind of Right Wing code?

I have some real questions about those state voter counts and I've suggested to my D friends, with some political clout, that the Party should ask Justice or someone to look into the totals, given what Putin's boys did with/to the DNC, WikiLeaks, and other hacks.

And please don't tell me, it's beyond the Kremlin to do that to get their puppet elected.

Maybe you can go to those US ports the Russian Navy will be asked by Trump to visit, to show Vlad some of Donny's goodwill?

Anonymous said...

What a load of BS! Let's seen what happens with the Clinton Foundation. She did nothing wrong. Just top secret info. on an unprotected server in your bathroom (all of which has been stolen). Meanwhile, a sailor sending a selfie to Mom is doing a year. Trumps win is a complete rejection of Obama and progressive policies. Absolutely love seeing those stunned losers at HRC headquarters......sooooooo great!

Bill - hope you got your big boy pads on!

Anonymous said...

All F&F fraud pundits are being exposed for who they are. They totally agreed with the corrupt BHO administration and hoped that a new HRC administration would follow, to continue the NWS and little if any hope.
TH717, the invisible one has taken down his Blog and erased most of his racist, bigot, left leaning comments and we assume Bill will follow his mentor soon.
Drain the swamp.

Bill Maloni said...

Anon--Not likely.

But feel free to no longer peruse my stuff. I'm not going to change.

What's it say about you, if you continue to read my blog?

Think about that man?

(BTW, do you have any real GSE info/intel besides yesterday's rumors; if so share them.)

It looks to me like big banks, big trades, Wall Street, GOP Congress on one side versus Icahn and Berkowitz on the other.

Unknown said...

Bill thank you for all you have done with your blog. I did not expect you back writing with your other projects you were working on. I hope your family is doing well. Over the last 8 years your insights into all sorts of arena's has helped me become a lot more educated and informed on a vast range of topics. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

"We" read your blog because we want to understand and be aware of the propoganda that you and other bloggers spewing. So as long as it's up and we are not blocked, like Tim Coward 717, we will continue to read and debate your ideology and left leaning position.
Trump, for whatever he is, has created more hope in two days then any of you "insiders" have done for YEARS. It's not Mom & Pop who purchased 50 minutes lion shares today. There is a genuine HOPE for shareholders. Finally.
To be clear, I am not a Republican, and that's the truth.

Bill Maloni said...


Thank you for your kind remarks. I've added some chores to my current regime, helping a cancer stricken friend and also volunteering at DC's Children's Hospital. But I won't stop writing as long as the GSE issues are unresolved and, now, that we have a President-elect who I opposed, I will document any deviance from his robust campaign promises, not all of which are bad but will be hard to pull off if he doesn't seek to cross party lines.


Anon--I'm calling Bull Shit on your explanation. You read me because you like what I say, get more insight into GSE issues, and then get off arguing about it.

I share my opinion, nothing more. Others (real Tim Howard) do a better job with facts and history, so go read him.

(BTW, someone told me they busted your ID and that you're from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, you know "round on the ends and high in the middle?". Is that true??)

I don't care about your political leanings. It's clear what you believe. I just don't share some/many of those things and lean in a different direction.

Do you know the allegory of "Plato's cave" and the difference between observing the actual cave's fire and the puppeteers manipulating their puppets merely or reporting on the cave wall shadows of that same fire and of the puppets? One is real while the other is hypothetical.

So, what did Trump do yesterday for the GSEs? Answer, nothing, nada, nichts!

There was a third party report that Icahn's and Berkowitz's friendship with Trump could mean that DT's Admin would be GSE supportive and the stocks went up. (Kind of like TH717's certainty that Obama was going to recap and release the GSEs before he left office, which I argued was inconsistent with all that he had done and likely fallacious.)

Re Trump, I said I'll believe it when I see it (back to the allegory, i.e. the fire not the shadows), since I still think DT and his kids--who will run his businesses--need bank support and access more than they need the GSEs.

Plus no R Senator or Congressman/woman is a major F&F fan and willing to support GSE freedom.

So, tell me when Trump does something pro-F&F not when there are rumors of same.

Unknown said...

Ackman Sees Fannie Issue Resolved Under Trump Administration !!!

"I think Fannie and Freddie are going to get resolved within
the first 12 months of this new administration, and I’m looking
forward to having my second meeting with Donald Trump and
negotiating a deal,"

hedge fund manager Bill Ackman says at conference in NYC.

Bill Maloni said...

Thanks, Ron.

I hope he's right.

Then I can get back to my canning, basket weaving, and quilt making and drop this eight year GSE crusade.

If Trump fixes the GSEs (recap and release or some acceptable variant) and doesn't destroy them, I'll acknowledge that and extend credit.

That woudl be a smart political move for a party which has little going for it with the middle class and minorities.

Anonymous said...

Says the guy whose supported a party that has literally destroyed the middle class and minorities. Progressives and the Saul Alinsky model have just been 100% rejected. We will control the Supreme Court for the next generation and reverse every idiotic policy that Obama has implemented. BTW - how did Obamacare coupled with no jobs help the middle class? As for minorities, Chicago's doing really well along with so many others. Isn't poverty up over the past 8 years? What a joke libs are! Funnier still is when you thought HRC win was in the bag, it was time to accept the peoples will, lets all come together, blah, blah, blah. Then Trump wins and now these pukes encouraged by Soros are rioting, looting, destroying property and inciting violence. It's no coincidence the party's symbol is a jackass.

Bill Maloni said...

So, how are things in Chagrin Falls?

Is business now boom at the little candy and popcorn store by the bridge?

Anonymous said...

That's all anyone could ask for. To acknowledge who had the chance to stop the NWS vs. who actually gets it done. Great article in Market Watch today. More hope since Tuesday then the past four years. May be hard to accept but true.

Anonymous said...

Bill i enjoy reading your blogs but if she won the election the sweep would continue on and on until favorable court rulings. the corruption would be even worse than its been. Hopefully Mr. Trump will not allow this theft and get the USA moving forward with housing.

Bill Maloni said...

Anon--I hope you are right, but we will have no way of knowing about what HRC might have done.

New blog out tomorrow discusses both issues (election and GSEs).